Urban-living wellness requires a balance of being close enough to the action yet at a distance that ensures a peaceful and comfortable home retreat. I developed this project based on that principal. But once the panoramic views, awesome architecture, plentiful parking, and upcoming, potentially award-winning courtyard with fountain, pergola, grill stations, and veg-with-the-landscape seating were added to the equation, I couldn’t resist living here as well.

Being both a resident and the developer adds a little pressure to the job by requiring me to deal with the build-out and move-in requirements expected of a new residents. So far I’m not wearing tar and feathers and hope to keep my record and residence intact.

Each condo community generates its own personality. Angels Arms residents could be characterized by their creativity, appreciation for art and architecture, distinctive style, bold attitude, and a love of urban pleasure conveniently located within a walk from the doorstep. At this point in time, Angels Arms is the closest address I can get to heaven.

Buying my first home at Angel’s Arms has been an amazing experience. When I decided to move back to Pittsburgh after living in Washington DC for thirteen years, I began by looking at condo buildings online, and when I saw Angel’s Arms, I was instantly intrigued. Even just looking at the website, I knew Angel’s Arms offered me a wonderful opportunity to own something unique and that I could truly make my own. Even so, I had some doubts that as a first-time home buyer I could take on the task of finishing the interior of the condo. However, Tom Tripoli at Angel’s Arms made the process both understandable and manageable. He was flexible in working with me since I was doing the selections long-distance, and we were able to do much of it over email and the internet! He provided guidance and support through the process. Although I knew it was difficult to visualize how the condo would look when it was finished, the final transformation was still astounding and far exceeded my expectations. It was truly my dream home!

The icing on the cake has been becoming part of the Angel’s Arms community. Everyone that I’ve met here has been incredibly friendly and welcoming and all share something in common – an interest in expressing themselves as individuals and living in one of the most unique places in Pittsburgh!

I have lived at Angel’s Arms for approximately 4 years and have found the unique environment it provides is unrivaled. Each unit and its occupant(s) are as distinctive as the building and are a showcase for what constitutes Pittsburgh in the 21st century.


Living at Angel’s Arms has advantages above and beyond residing anywhere else. I have the ability to safely walk to some of the best restaurants, bars and entertainment the city of Pittsburgh has to offer. Even on Sundays, within a couple minutes walk, I can be reading the paper at my favorite coffee shop. Or, if I wish, I can drink my coffee from the deck, while having a perfect view of the city of Pittsburgh.

All the while, I can return to a quiet environment in a quaint safe neighborhood nestled in the heart of the South Side Slopes. This was very important to me, considering that I grew up in the country and did not want subjected to constant traffic and noise. On multiple occasions, I have even watched deer graze behind Pius Street from the rooftop of our building. I cannot imagine another place with as many perks as Angel’s Arms. It has been a pleasure to live here.”

My life changed when I moved into Angel’s Arms. The Church is the most Magical place I have found in any City in the USA. From a practical standpoint what I loved most was the solid infrastructure of Angles Arms. The million-dollar parking structure was the most obvious part that told me this association had solid long term plans for me. Never underestimate parking for your life, friends, parties, and re-sale value in the South Side. Also the fact that the Association fees were less than $200.00; a number that drops most jaws when I tell them about it. The average Association fee for a complex at this level of living us usually much more. The construction process was an opportunity of a lifetime; it gave me the ability to create what ever I wanted in a budget I made. My place is a home and a show place that has been viewed my hundreds of guests since completed. All units will be Jewels in their own right in this close, neighborhood community. I’m only a quick cab ride away from anywhere in the city for less than a tenspot. I also love to walk the streets and climb the hills to my favorite watering holes and eateries. I look forward to meeting new neighbors who can share my dream of the comfort and architectural beauty throughout Angel’s Arms.

Like most people who grew up in Pittsburgh, I was always aware of St. Michael’s, over there up on the hill, but I had never visited it. I was taken to the site by a real estate agent who wanted to show me something interesting; she didn’t really think that I would be attracted to it. For me, the building was love at first sight, both the finished units in the rectory (which I saw first) and the unfinished space in the main church. I did not intend to buy property in Pittsburgh that day, but the site changed my mind. It was simply exciting to be in that space and to think about the possibilities. I had also always wanted to build my own house, but life hadn’t presented that opportunity… until Angel’s Arms, which is as close to building a home from scratch as I think I want to come now!

I knew exactly which unit I wanted and was fortunate to get it. The architect recommended by Tom was simply wonderful. He made the “problems” of the space into opportunities. He brought many creative ideas to the design of the space, made a wonderful suggestion for expanding the amount of useable space in the unit, and was extremely responsive to my questions and concerns.

The features of a ceremonial space like a church are meant to inspire awe. Those same features still inspire admiration when they are integrated into living spaces, but it is not a simple process. As my space started to take shape, there were many decisions to be made: how many elements of the original site to keep (and how to preserve those elements), how to select new materials to complement what was being saved, the style of new features, and so on. The process was a very exciting one, made more difficult by my need to work at a distance, but Tom and the design consultants he recommended were able to help me overcome that obstacle. Tom was always there to make sure that decisions were sensible and cost effective, and he also made many creative contributions to the project. Above all, I am grateful for the extreme care that the workers, painters, and crafts people exercised in the creation and restoration of my unit

I don’t think I could have articulated my “vision” for the space the first day I saw it, but I must have had one. The opportunity to realize that vision on the (almost) blank canvas of my Angel’s Arms unit was a wonderful experience. I look forward to living in the unit in a few years and to experiencing the community that has been created there.

Our place at Angel’s Arms is our “vacation home” where we spend time with our friends and family a portion of the year. We had a blast designing and building our dream space. All of our “stuff” (antiques, art, passions and personal treasures) fit perfectly! When we walk in the door, we feel so lucky to have such a great place to come home to. Almost every day we entertain family and friends, sometimes at home, or we walk the few blocks to Carson St. and spend the evening having drinks, dinner and music. Our out-of-town friends are amazed that we have so many choices of great food right out our back door!! We have friends in Pittsburgh that we have had for 30 years, but our lifestyles have totally changed. We have truly enjoyed making new friends with our Angel’s Arms neighbors and found that we have a lot in common with them, starting, of course, with a common appreciation of our building community. The property has a very peaceful, warm spirit to it that makes it an inviting, comfortable place to live. Our adult children and friends love visiting and take full advantage of the location! We were one of the very first buyers at Angel’s Arms and have no regrets. It has been a better experience than we ever imagined!